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Good morning from Washington

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Good morning wonderful people!!!!

I have my coffee.. do you have yours?tumblr_nc6kt2HWEm1rmjjcgo1_500

Good morning everyone!!!!

A little less busy today… just cleaning and band practice with my son.  I gave up on dinner last night and had a cereal night.  No one complained which was nice. Tonight I am going to try making a pork roast with apples, cider, potatoes and carrots.  Can someone tell me what spices to add?good_morning_101229_1027

True story….

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Good morning!!!


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Happy Tuesday morning!

Today it is a “clean all day” day:(  I am so far behind on laundry it’s not even funny…  Is it sad that I am thinking of going out and buying the kids some new clothes just so I can pack early for our vacation on Saturday?  I want to get it done.  The trip is going to be stressful enough without last minute packing to boot.  Plus I didn’t pay for many bags to check cause DAMN were they expensive.  I hope I bought 2 bags to check but I can’t remember.  Going to have to break out the big suitcase for this trip.  Thankfully we will only be gone a week and will have access to free laundry facilities 🙂  IShoot!  I have to remember anti nausea stuff for him to.. puke n a plane would be bad….

tumblr_mwpvwwJd621qb1f7qo1_500DEAD OR ALIVE (by kenny barker)

Good Morning Sunshine

Another beautiful morning in Western Washington. 


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