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I don’t think I am cut out to be a blogger…

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Making my blog easier to navigate…

today i will be reducing my number of categories to make it easier for me and clearer for others. She I started this blog I had no idea how to use tags and categories but now I do so it’s time to fix it. I would appreciate if anyone has the time, can you suggest what categories u think my blog should have?

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What’s a Blog?

Well, I guess what I post is not technically considered a “blog” but more like a fb page taken to a blog format.  To make it a more official blog, I apparently should be adding more writing and more original content.  It’s a good thing , I hope, I have never been a rule follower.  WordPress was nice enough to give me this space and has allowed me to pretty much do whatever I want and have an audience.  Facebook doesn’t do this anymore.  On Facebook I have been very successful in the past and I still have a 15K fan page.  But Facebook now allows only 50 out of 15,430 fans to see my posts.  What is the fun in that?  So yes, my “blog” may be more like a FB page but occasionally I will be adding some deep, interesting, engaging and whatever else I’m supposed to be posting,  here.  I just want to have fun and hopefully, as I get more followers, get to have some great conversations with new people.  For now I am going to keep posting all the stuff I love and find interesting and adding commentary here and there.  I hope you find some of it cool too:)  Have a great day!  -D