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Fall cute animals



A polar bear wedding..

yes I loved polar bears that much- lol. My bridesmaids had kind of glacial blue colored dresses. Of course our cake toppers were polar bears too! I still have them. The best part was my husband loved me enough to go along with it!
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Have u ever seen this kind of hummingbird?

Marvelous Spatuletail Hummingbird

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Aren’t these awesome!???

I wish I had a little bit of that talent! I wish I could see the artist’s name to give you a link:(

0scjRtmArtist turns daughter's scribblings into paintingsBdbcTMj

Great contrast

Green Shieldbug nymph | by ReneMeurs | http://ift.tt/1rTnQ15


True love of nature

I never watched his show but I definitely have respect for him. If you don’t know anything about his daughter, look her up. I read a great article about her but I don’t remember where. She is a strong, confident, young lady who knows who she is! Part of what she talked about was modesty and not needed to look like a grown woman as a child.

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