Lost day..

I lost a whole day yesterday because of the stupid migraine so today I really have to do stuff… today’s agenda: take cat to vet for paw injury, clarinet to music store to demold, clean living room, get laundry put away, dinner, and hopefully work on a quilt a little bit.  We’ll see realistically though how much I can get done.  My nose is stuffy and I am waiting to see if my migraine has switched sides. A lot of times one side will disappear but the next day it’s on the other side.  I have only one imitrex left so I am crossing my fingers….  -D


I really fucked up this morning

I have a migraine that came on super fast. I went to bedroom to take imitrex which was in a pill case I used for vacation. I was out of it and took all my nightly pills instead, including sleeping pills. I just went back to bed after that. Woke up and I still hurt. I hate days luke this. At least I have a wonderful husband who takes care of me and the kids when this happens. I am truly blessed.

Jelly fish

Electric jelly (by Scott Rudkinvia WordPress for Phone

a great time..

having a good time… Visiting with my aunt and uncle, a water park, shopping and amazing dinner and desserts. Ready to sleep and have more fun tomorrow!

2014 town and country mini van…

that’s are rental car. It’s a beautiful car. Automatic everything. But it’s what’s inside that counts and this vehicle lacks giddy up and go:(. So sad.

cause I’m all about that bass, bout that bass…

no treble….

loving that song!!!