Red light cameras are fucking wrong!

Just a little pissed because I got a red light ticket in the mail.  I think it’s a bunch of bullshit.  I think I did a “California stop” on a right turn.  This is the second time I have been in the same city and gotten a ticket.  Last time was speeding in a school zone but I came onto the street between the warning signs and lights and they had a small sign with written times I couldn’t read as I was turning left at 20 mph.  They don’t give u a moving violation but call it a “parking infraction.”  This infraction is $124.  I don’t like Big Brother watching me even if I was in the wrong.  I don’t think it can go on your drivers record because it is from a city or maybe from a cam.  They must be making a shitload of money in that city cause the whole fucking place is littered with cameras.  And to take the cake I was driving my “no tickets ever in his life” husband’s car.  And I would never speed in a school zone had I know.. I’m one of those annoying drivers going 15 mph the whole way.  Just angry that we are always being watched it seems…  I think I will go pour a glass of wine:)



My rant about food quality..

I went to open the bag o salad and I didn’t like how it smelled.. It was going bad quickly. That left us with last night’s extremely mediocre Chinese food we ordered. My husband asked if I just wanted to go out and I said yes. we wanted to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant but it was closed for construction so we settled on shari’s. Never liked Shari’s but it was my husband’s choice (awesome annual review today at work). Our waitress was friendly and quick but my dinner of course sucked. Found a hair in my food and bit into a grape that had a moldy taste. I would chalk this up to just an occasional bad dinner but my experiences lately have been pretty bad both eating out and with groceries. I bought raspberries last week only to find them moldy the next day. I know I’ve thrown out lots of produce in the last month cause it was bad the next day. When I was in French class my teacher said the French grocery shop daily. I can totally understand why now. I just am tired of thinks spoiling as soon as I get them or getting nasty food at restaurants. Sorry for the rant but I feel better now….

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My vacuum is safe from ebola I think…

Is all the packaging really necessary?  It’s like each part will die if it physically brushes another part.  I have no clue why we are damaging the environment at the rate we are- lol!