Puppy love!!

I missed my pup so very much!!!

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Cousin’s wedding cake

as someone who decorates cakes, all I could do was shake my head… All I could think was fucking rabbits but my mind has always been filthy;)

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Little Girl’s halftime dance:)

My little girl did an awesome job dancing with the high school girls for a “Frozen” routine.  She is painfully shy so I am all the more proud of her for getting out in front of a packed set of bleachers to perform!!!  We took her out for a special dinner afterwards and she just kept smiling.  There is a one day dance clinic with the high school team again in November and I’ll sign her up for that one.  I would love to get her into a non competitive dance class but I just don’t know how much more we can fit in our schedule:(

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Goodnight and Go Hawks!!!!

Tough night for me since I am from Wisconsin but have been in Washington since junior high.  Truth is, no one in the house actually cares about football.  The excitement about a football game (usually just the superbowl) is all about the accompanying dinner.  We always make it an “hors d’oeuvre” night and the kids get to eat in the Rec room a room food is usually forbidden in.  Can’t say anyone is watching but it’s nice.  Big boy has gone to his own room to watch tv.  Little boy is playing on the computer in the rec room with us and little girl is dancing around and doing somersaults. My husband is rearranging his wrench set or whatever is in that black case and I am on the laptop:)  Very nice night and we cleaned the rec room to get ready so I have a clean room to boot!!! People would call us the jump on the bandwagon people cause when the Seahawks are doing well we participate more.  But really it’s not about the football, it’s about being proud of where we live.  Everyone kind of comes together and bonds here over the seahawks.  I love where I live… and want everyone else to know how beautiful and wonderful Washington is…. and NO  I don’t mean DC- lol.  Have a great night everyone…  oh the menu tonight.. cheese, crackers, salami, veggies and ranch, fresh fruit, popcorn, and doritos snack mix:)


I have entered band hell…

Holy crap!!!!  Both of my boys wanted to be in band so we went to the music store to rent instruments.  They both chose trombones and we picked up some bongos for little girl.  Of course they wanted to play as soon as we got home… 9 months of this.  I hope I survive:)b1c8024e4004594f711ff59e9dd8ef16

The problem with little boys and lazy men….

I refuse to use the main bathroom dubbed the boys’ bathroom by me and my daughter.  I also refuse to clean it unless I know we are having guests or the smell is wafting out to the main bathroom area. It is just plain gross.  My Aspie pees as fast as he can so he can get back to his game or whatever he is doing.  Both boys still have issues with BM clean up (I step in and clean for those issues).  I haven’t gotten on them lately but I think it is time again….

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Date rape nail polish backlash