Kids and colds

keeping a child home from school in the fall/winter is absolutely ridiculous! Let alone the teacher emailing about it. Am I suppose to keep him home for 2 weeks??? I had the same cold, hell I probably gave it to him so I highly doubt it’s the new one going around. I’m just so frustrated. And no I’m not taking him to the Dr for them to tell me it’s a cold or suggest antibiotics he shouldn’t be taking.. It’s a fucking cold! get over it!

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No political propaganda in education!!

these students know more about patriotism and being an American than their school board! Please read and share these brave students’ efforts…

Denver area students walk out of school in protest

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short opinion on the NFL and Ray Rice

The NFL could care less about the ethics/morality of their players.  It’s all about money folks.  Yes they will act when the media (or police) catches wind of a player’s bad behavior but not before then.  It’s sad but I don’t even think most fans care that he beat his gf or whatever she was.  If it was your own favorite team and let’s say the best player, and he is charged with something will you justify it being ok for him to still play?  These players think they can do whatever they want and until the fans and NFL really care about something other than the game, they will continue to do whatever the fuck they want and still be loved and adored….


Another fundraiser??

I’m sure you have seen a variation of this before now but I thought I would share anyways.  

We spend too much on killing people and not enough on education here in the US.  This should not be a surprise to anyone.  Our schools are falling apart…  are children are learning in little trailers instead of classrooms more and more often (Little Girl is n a “portable” this year). We don’t have the funds to recruit great educators.  First, the teachers now a days need  combat pay in most schools and secondly, private companies pay much more.  I thought about becoming a teacher but the way things are now I would never do it.  The teachers are now even losing their freedom of choosing curriculum.  We have “Core Curriculum.”  To me this takes passion away from the best teachers.  If you can’t teach lessons that you are passionate about and you are stuck with the same lesson plans every year, how enthusiastic are you going to be as a teacher?  Now I know I am rambling, but this year the core stuff has really pissed me off.  Bottom line is that Whitney was right when she said “the children are our future.”   Yet, are education system just seems to decline every year.   Why do we continue to give humongous tax breaks to the wealthy and companies instead of investing in our future?  Why do we need to have our military ALL over the world and supplying other countries (ahemmmmm- Israel) with weapons to kill people?  Do you know that after your income exceeds 100,000 a year you no longer have to pay social security tax the rest of the year?  Why the fuck are these people NOT paying more into the system if they make 100K+?  Our entire PUBLIC (not private or charter) education system needs to be revamped, modernized, and fucking FUNDED.  Did you know some countries offer free higher education (  It is an investment in your country and it’s future.  One of the best things that ever happened to Japan was that after WWII, they were forbidden to create a “real” military.  Instead that money was used on other things and Japan’s economy eventually took off.  Ok on to my next point…

Bake sales are no longer bake sales.  God forbid you actually want to bake something for a bake sale.  For the most part bake sales are no longer held here because of the liability issues associated with them. What if someone was allergic to peanuts and they ate your fudgy peanut buttery brownies?  They school would be sued.  Same situation if I make something tainted with salmonella or I put needles in the cookies.  I love to bake so this has been a real disappointment for me.  Well what are we going to do if we can’t have a bake sale… I’ll tell you.  Let’s sell overpriced items from a catalog that parents are embarrassed to show to coworkers because the products are unappealing and quadruple what you would normally pay for them.  And we all know these fundraisers are really more of a parent’s job than a student’s.  We need to take our kids to houses or take the paperwork to work, or church, whatever.   Then we need to keep track of all the money and finally make the deliveries.  It sucks.  Why do we do it????   Because the schools make it almost impossible not to do it…

Your child runs through the door clutching a big white envelope and you know already what it is by their glee and the size of the envelope.  I dread this every year.  They are excited beyond belief at the prospect of winning a “prize.”  For those soccer moms and the “I have no life of my own and live vicariously through my children” parents, they are excited too!  Not me.  I just have a feeling of nauseousness at the thought of asking their grandparents and our neighbors (all retired and on fixed incomes) to spend so much money on crap. I know if I don’t do it, I will be thought of as an unsupportive parent by the school probably and my kids will be angry that money won’t let them earn a prize (yeah sell 100 items and get a dollar store toy is what it amounts to).

My Little Girl presented her fundraising envelope to me this afternoon.  We will probably do what we do for every fundraiser and 2 out of 3 kids (Little boy could care less about fundraisers) will do it.  My husband will be in charge of going to the neighbors with the kids and asking the grandparents.  There just has to be a better way to fund our schools.  That’s all I’m saying…



My rant about food quality..

I went to open the bag o salad and I didn’t like how it smelled.. It was going bad quickly. That left us with last night’s extremely mediocre Chinese food we ordered. My husband asked if I just wanted to go out and I said yes. we wanted to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant but it was closed for construction so we settled on shari’s. Never liked Shari’s but it was my husband’s choice (awesome annual review today at work). Our waitress was friendly and quick but my dinner of course sucked. Found a hair in my food and bit into a grape that had a moldy taste. I would chalk this up to just an occasional bad dinner but my experiences lately have been pretty bad both eating out and with groceries. I bought raspberries last week only to find them moldy the next day. I know I’ve thrown out lots of produce in the last month cause it was bad the next day. When I was in French class my teacher said the French grocery shop daily. I can totally understand why now. I just am tired of thinks spoiling as soon as I get them or getting nasty food at restaurants. Sorry for the rant but I feel better now….

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