I don’t think I am cut out to be a blogger…

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Kids and colds

keeping a child home from school in the fall/winter is absolutely ridiculous! Let alone the teacher emailing about it. Am I suppose to keep him home for 2 weeks??? I had the same cold, hell I probably gave it to him so I highly doubt it’s the new one going around. I’m just so frustrated. And no I’m not taking him to the Dr for them to tell me it’s a cold or suggest antibiotics he shouldn’t be taking.. It’s a fucking cold! get over it!

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Morning Wisdom

I am this person who is often wounded because I AM to open to people.


Sometimes dogs are better than humans

they are always there to love and cuddle you. I’ll be terribly sad when she isn’t here anymore. she’s probably around 12 years old and my constant companion. Wherever in the house I am she is too:) melancholy morning for some reason.
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Good morning Everyone!!!

Fall is officially here in the Great Northwest- it’s been raining for days.  I love the rain in the beginning but by January it’s charm has definitely worn off.  I actually really started the baby quilt I’m making last night.  I think it’s going to turn out very cute.  Still haven’t managed to get the cat into the vet but it’s on the list for today:) Today for me it’s the usually boring housework, and then band with big boy and tutoring for little boy…  Have an awesome Friday!!!Woohoo-It’s-Friday

Good morning everyone!!!!

A little less busy today… just cleaning and band practice with my son.  I gave up on dinner last night and had a cereal night.  No one complained which was nice. Tonight I am going to try making a pork roast with apples, cider, potatoes and carrots.  Can someone tell me what spices to add?good_morning_101229_1027

Afternoon coffee…

fall is wonderful because as the temperature drops afternoon coffee is so good:)

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