Happy Tuesday morning!

Today it is a “clean all day” day:(  I am so far behind on laundry it’s not even funny…  Is it sad that I am thinking of going out and buying the kids some new clothes just so I can pack early for our vacation on Saturday?  I want to get it done.  The trip is going to be stressful enough without last minute packing to boot.  Plus I didn’t pay for many bags to check cause DAMN were they expensive.  I hope I bought 2 bags to check but I can’t remember.  Going to have to break out the big suitcase for this trip.  Thankfully we will only be gone a week and will have access to free laundry facilities 🙂  IShoot!  I have to remember anti nausea stuff for him to.. puke n a plane would be bad….

tumblr_mwpvwwJd621qb1f7qo1_500DEAD OR ALIVE (by kenny barker)


Confession time

I use the vacuum cleaner extension hose to suck up fruit flies…

Good Morning Wonderful people!

Should be a busy day for me. The kids did quite a job on the house this weekend and I need to restore some assemblance of order.  Also I can no longer put off cleaning the refrigerator and going grocery shopping:(  This afternoon I am going to volunteer at my Big Boy’s school in his band class!  Plus I haven’t cooked in ages so I think that’s a must too:(  Anyone have any dinner suggestions??


A new vaccuum …

I think I did pretty well.  I bought a Dyson Animal DC65 at Kohls.  It was originally 599, it was on sale for 499. I opened a stupid credit account and got another $100 knocked off the price bringing it down to $399.  Then because I bought it at Kohls I received $80 in Kohls cash which I will buy the rest of the school clothes with.  I figure I bought the vac for $320- Way to go Mom!!!!! Unfortunately I now have a migraine and must subtract $20 for the imitrex I just took:(

The problem with little boys and lazy men….

I refuse to use the main bathroom dubbed the boys’ bathroom by me and my daughter.  I also refuse to clean it unless I know we are having guests or the smell is wafting out to the main bathroom area. It is just plain gross.  My Aspie pees as fast as he can so he can get back to his game or whatever he is doing.  Both boys still have issues with BM clean up (I step in and clean for those issues).  I haven’t gotten on them lately but I think it is time again….

humorous-bathroom-decal-1I I

Today’s To Do List

I still feel like shit but school starts on Thursday and I am determined to get stuff done!  Thought you all might find my list entertaining.  First is is the activity followed by odds of completion:

1.  Laundry

  100% chance of doing at least 3 of the probably 8 loads I have waiting.  Not bad if I do say so myself.

2. Put a way laundry                                      

How important is that really?  Can’t they just dig through the baskets like I do.  If I tell them to do their own laundry I won’t be able to find clothes and force them to put them on in the morning.  But I am trying to get organize….  50-75% chance… maybe.

3. Clean out refrigerator    

I am afraid…. there are unidentifiable things in there-oh my! If I cleaned out all the nasty stuff, I  would actually have to admit, we probably have little food which would mean grocery shopping… NOOOOOOO!  I would probably need a razor blade to scrape out some of the bad spills.  It would fill up my garbage and then I’d have to take that out so the dog wouldn’t spread it all out in the living room.  We have told her repeatedly she needs to follow the same rules as the kids and eat in the kitchen, but she is a poodle and refuses to be told what to do.  I’d say chances are low for completion today at maybe  25%.  But chance are 50% that I might remove some of the rotting food- yay me!!!!

4. Sort clean socks

This one is high at 75%-100%. Why you might ask?  Because I am implementing a new sock system and I am anxious to try it out.  In the laundry room as socks emerge from the dryer I will be sorting them into 5 baskets, one for each family member.  Then when I have time I will grab a basket and put them in pairs.  The pairs for the kids will go into one of three baskets on top of shoe rack in our entry way. I am hoping this cuts down on looking for socks in the morning because they have disappeared (somehow) into the frightening abyss of one of their bedrooms.  I am excited to see how it works.

5. Grocery shopping

Unfortunately, this is at 100%. I made a commitment to the Back to School party tonight and I need to pick up Popsicles and something to grill- ugh.  And no, this does not mean I will want to clean out the refrigerator since I already have to go grocery shopping.  Go grocery shopping once with three kids and you will understand the quicker the mission the better.

6.  Direct my kids in cleaning their rooms.  Yes they are 10, 11, and 6 but because each has unique issues, I need to help.  My 11 yr old with the CP remember is at a 6 yr old level and my daughter is 6- they both need to have the process broken down into separate activities to make it manageable… ie pick up garbage, put away books, put dirty clothes in hamper, etc.  My 10 year old son with Asperger’s needs to be kept on track.  He will go into his room and go “rock brain.”  He will concentrate so hard on one aspect of cleaning his room he won’t get anything else done.  My daughter does not like to clean her room unless mommy helps/keeps her company.  It’s a struggle of wills usually ending with a temper tantrum and maybe some cleaning done:( Chance of total completion today maybe 25%.

7. Dishwasher loaded- HAHAHAHAHA- DONE:)

I’m sure there is tons more but I can’t remember because I am getting old and senile:(  What’s on your list today????

If you’ve ever watched Red Dwarf, my husband laughs at my lists because when he asks if something was checked off I always say “no, but it’s right under learn Esperanto.”