Fall cute animals




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Angel Eyes

Sometimes dogs are better than humans

they are always there to love and cuddle you. I’ll be terribly sad when she isn’t here anymore. she’s probably around 12 years old and my constant companion. Wherever in the house I am she is too:) melancholy morning for some reason.
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The cat bully

Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to get a preview but it’s super short and from youtube:)

This gave me a good giggle this morning!!

Good Morning:)

PHYLLOBATES TERRIBILISThe vivid colouration of golden poison arrow frogs (Phyllobates terribilis) of the Amazon rainforest is a warning to predators that they are extremely toxic. Just 2 – 200 micrograms of the batrachotoxins found in their skin is thought to be enough to kill a human.  (BBC Earth)

Golden poison arrow frogs (credit: roland seitre / NPL)

Goodnight wonderful people

I love this!!!



Incredible article about ants from BBC…